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Sicilly Volcanotrail Team


Running on active volcanoes…. This is the “Sicily Volcano Trail” an individual trail running competition divided in 4 stages. The whole length of the course is 68 km, with 3050 meters of positive elevation gain.
A trekking program for supporters and families has been created, for those who want to follow the athletes during their run. An experienced trekking guide will lead the supporters and families during all the week. The same paths of the athletes, but in a shorter length, will be walked in order to enjoy the landscape, the volcanoes and the athlete’s passages.

1 – How to participate
The Volcano Trail is an outdoor sport event with 2 different participations options:
TRAIL: trail running race with cut-off times, on marked path and with final rank.
TREKKING: trekking excursions escorted by a trekking guide

The participation to the TRAIL is open to men and women over 18 years of age.
The number of participants is limited to 40 people for the TRAIL option and to 10 people for the TREKKING option. The minors (under 18 years of age) can only participate at the TREKKING, escorted by an adult. In every moment of the trip, parents are responsible of their children. During the hike the adults are responsible for the children and must supervise them. The trekking guide cannot be responsible for the children during the hike.

2 - Registration
For your registration to the Sicily Volcano Trail it is necessary:
- to fill in the online form on this website (choosing the option TRAIL or TREKKING)
- to read and to agree the race’s rules
- to send your medical certification
- to pay the registration fee account of 500€. The final balance must be paid before the 30.09.2020

Only after the payment is received by the organization the registration will be confirmed.
The registrations will close once the maximum number of participants is reached or in alternative the 01.09.2020

3 - Registration fee:
- Athletes - TRAIL: 1450 € 
- Supporters – TREKKING: 1390 € 

4 – Medical certificate
The medical certificate of sport eligibility is compulsory for all choosing the TRAIL option.

5 – Itinerary information
The running routes are mainly on tracks and dirt roads, classified according the criteria of the Italian Alpine Club. It is requested an excellent technical and fitness level, and expertise on facing tracks in relation to the length and the elevation gain of each stage. The itinerary will be marked by the organization with paint and coloured ribbons. There will not be any refreshment along the route (apart from the etna marathon trail). There will be a refreshment only at the end of the stage with snacks and drinks.

6 – Compulsory equipment for athletes
Each athlete must carry the compulsory material during each stage. At the race briefing given before each stage (it takes place the evening before each race) it will be specified which equipment (from the following list) is compulsory according to the weather forecast for the next day. There will be random inspections at the start or during each stage. The participant caught without the compulsory material will be excluded from the stage.

- trail running shoes with grip sole
- space blanket
- whistle
- water provision (at least 0,5 litres)
- long sleeve rain jacket
- hat (or head band) and gloves
- food provision (e.g. snacks, gel, dried fruits)
- cell phone with the number of the organization

7 – Recommended equipment for athletes and supporters:
- Cup or other container for liquid to use at refreshment (to avoid use of plastic glasses). At refreshment you will not find plastic glasses.
- hat and gloves.
- gaiters, on Stromboli and Etna there will be gravel slopes.
- sunscreen
- swimming suit
- earplugs
- sunglass.
- trekking poles
- Compeed plasters, and any personal medicine (include pills for seasickness)
- headlamp for the night excursion to Stromboli

8 – Final Rank and awards
There will be a final rank only for the participants at the TRAIL option. It will be the sum of the times of each stage. All the participants that will not finish a stage will be registered with the time of the last arrived plus a penalty of one hour. The awards will be for the first 3 men and 3 women of the general rank.

9 – Baggage
The organization recommends as a baggage a soft bag with wheels in order to facilitate the transfer. It is recommended a small purse for the transfer of the changing clothes at the end of each stage. We recommend keeping the necessary for the race (shoes, clothes, compulsory material) in the hand luggage during the flights. Unfortunately, sometimes the checked baggage is lost, and the flight companies need some days to retrace them.

10 – Climate
During the period chosen for the race there should be good weather condition, with daily temperature around 15°C - 20°C. During the night and in the morning the temperature can range between 5°C to 10°C. In case of bad weather, the temperature can drop as low as 0°C to 5°C in the highest parts of the route. In October the sea water is still warm, so do not forget the swimming suit. However, is not excluded that there could be intense precipitations.

11 – Respect of the environment
To protect the environment is one of the goals of the organization. The organization encourages all the participants to make environment-inclined choices in order to avoid a wastefulness of resources (e.g. water, food, energy, etc…). Sicily Volcano Trail endorses the “Io non getto i miei rifiuti” (I don’t throw away my rubbish) campaign and intends to sensitize the participants of the environment they run in. Any participant that will throw away any kind of rubbish, or will waste any kind of resources on purpose, will be fined by the organization according to the seriousness of the act.

12 – Solidarity statute
In case of accident during the races is essential to intervene quickly. For this reason, it is compulsory for each participant to give help to any participant who needs assistance along the route. To warn the organization, to give help and to wait up to the arrive of first aid are duties of every participant. The time lost to give help to an athlete, will be subtracted at the end of the stage.

13 – Meeting point
The travel expenses to get to the meeting point in Sicily are not included in the registration fee. It is important to get in time at the meeting time. The organization is not responsible for any transport delay or cancellation. In case of delay, the participant must inform as soon as possible the organization and must organize at his own expenses the transportation to reach the rest of the group.

14 – Image copyright
Every participant renounce expressly of the image copyright during the competition and renounces to any plea against the organization and his partners for the use of his image.

15 - Privacy
All your personal data will be treated by Mandala Tour with respect of the privacy regulations. All the data are used for: contest enrolment, journey organization, pictures publication on our website, fiscal and law obligations. Your personal data will be process only by our staff. Your personal data could be communicated to a third part for the purpose listed above and in order to organize the journey. The communication of your personal data is compulsory in order to carry out the event. At any moment you can claim your rights as specified in the Italian law on privacy respect n°196/03.

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